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Sunday 14 January 2018  

Monday 15 January 2018Martin Luther King Day

Tuesday 16 January 2018  
7:00pm    Ham Radio SIG
Category : SIG     Fee : US$ 0
The Ham Radio SIG is a small group for the discussion of interfacing and using computers in all phases of today's Amateur Radio Operations including Amateur Radio Satellite operations. The holding of an amateur radio license is NOT a prerequisite - we can point you in that direction if you like - under current FCC Rules and Regulations it's gotten a whole lot easier, and proficiency in Morse code is no longer a requirement.

The International Space Station is in orbit and manned - with Amateur call signs RZ3DZR/DL01SS/NA1SS assigned to Station Alpha. The crew is on the air on both 2 meters and 70 cm with voice and packet operati ...
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Wednesday 17 January 2018  
7:00pm    Legal
Category : SIG     Fee : US$ 0
The Legal SIG addresses the use of computers in the law office, from e-mail, to hardware, accessing on line sources of legal information and how to effectively use the computer in your law office and more. Contact SIG Leader for meeting topics.

SIG Leader: Perry Radoff
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Thursday 18 January 2018  
5:00pm    New Member Orientation
Category : SIG     Fee : US$
Welcome new HAL-PC member! Stop by the suite and a HAL volunteer will show you around and go over the many benefits of membership so you can take the best advantage of being with HAL-PC!
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7:00pm    Genealogy
Category : SIG     Fee : US$ 0
SIG to explore using computer resources for Genealogy research.

SIG Leader: Donna LeNoir
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Friday 19 January 2018  
6:30pm    Microsoft Server
Category : SIG     Fee : US$ 0
The SIG will begin studying Server 2008 on September 5th, using the Microsoft Self-Paced Training books. Over the next year, the SIG will review the three books preparing for the exams leading to the Server 2008 Administrator certification. These provide a good survey of Server 2008, even though many SIG members are interested only in learning about Server 2008 rather than taking the exams.

The SIG will have four Server 2008 installations for hands-on training.

SIG Leader: Greg Brewer
Website: ...
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Saturday 20 January 2018  
9:00am    Access Help Workshop
Category : SIG     Fee : US$ 0
If you need help with your specific MS-Access issues, this is the SIG to get that help. Bring your disk so we can get the answers together!

Email the SIG Leader
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9:00am    The Master Genealogist
Category : SIG     Fee : US$ 0
This SIG focuses on the software program The Master Genealogist to promote networking among users of that program. You are welcome to visit us if you are interested as a current TMG user or a prospective user. Join us for warm fun, effective training and tips and tricks.

SIG Leader: Jerry Woodman
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