ZoneAlarm Support

The Volunteer Help Committee has a new member for ZoneAlarm support. He is Jim Ward. Jim can be reached by e-mail at Please include your name, phone number, best time to call and a description of the problem.

New Version of ZoneAlarm:

ZoneLabs has released a new version of ZoneAlarm. To see what your version is follow these steps:

  1. Double click on the ZA icon in the system tray
  2. Click on "Overview" in the left hand navigation bar
  3. Click on the "Product Info" tab on the upper right hand side
  4. Your version information will be displayed in the first box. The new version is 3.7.193.

If you want to upgrade, please do the following:

  1. Click on the “Preferences” tab (in the same “Overview” section).
  2. Click the “Check for Update” button on the right hand side
  3. Download the update to a directory where you can find it. You can use something like c:\temp or c:\download.
  4. Use Windows Explorer and navigate to the directory where you downloaded the update. The upgrade filename is zaSetup_37_193.exe. Double click on this filename to execute it.
  5. After the upgrade runs, shutdown all programs and reboot your PC.

E-mail me at with any comments you have and tell me what you want to see here.

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Last modified: 2003:08:22