Whatís Hot

Palm m515: Small, thin, 16MB of RAM and a color display that can be read indoors and outdoors. www.palm.com

E&B Slipper m505 Case: Leather case that protects the Palm and provides room to carry business cards and a couple of MMC or SD cards. Can sync the Palm without removing it from the case. www.ebcases.com

Minstrel m500 Wireless Modem: wireless email and web browsing. www.novatelwireless.com/palmtop/minstrelm500.html for the modem, but you can get a better deal if you order the modem and service at the same time from Earthlink, at www.earthlink.net/mobile. Reviewed in HAL-PC Magazine October 2002.

Fitaly Stamp: Alternative to Graffiti for Palm input, and faster than Graffiti. Reviewed in HAL-PC Magazine March 2002. www.fitaly.com

DiddleBug: Post-It Notes on your Palm, with alarms, no Graffiti required. Reviewed in HAL-PC Magazine August 2002. www.palmgear.com

Memo Leaf: Makes Palm memos truly useful for notes and other reference material. Reviewed in HAL-PC Magazine August 2002. www.redwood-creative.com

HandyShopper: Great shopping list program with many other uses, including project management. Reviewed in HAL-PC Magazine October 2001. www.palmgear.com

DateBk5: Super-Datebook that provides categories, custom views, icons, color font support, and more. Reviewed in HAL-PC Magazine September 2002. www.pimlicosoftware.com

WordSmith: Real word processing for the Palm. Reviewed in HAL-PC Magazine May 2001. www.bluenomad.com

PiDirectVFS: Allows Palm applications to run transparently from MMC, SD, CompactFlash or Memory Stick cards. www.pitech.com

Bonsai: Outliner for Palm and desktop computer with full synchronization. Items in outline can be linked to items in To Do List. www.natara.com

BackupBuddy: Ensures that everything on the Palm gets backed up, included files stored on the MMC or SD card. www.bluenomad.com

BackupBuddyVFS: Included with BackupBuddy, backs up the Palm RAM to the MMC or SD card. www.bluenomad.com

Contacts Pro: Complements the Palm Address Book, allows you to look up contacts by first name, last name or company name. Shows big buttons onscreen, making it possible to look up contacts with one hand (without using the stylus). www.mobimate.com

Eudora Internet Suite: Email client and browser. Email can sync to your desktop email software, or can function on its own with a modem. www.eudora.com/internetsuite

ISilo: Take the Internet with you on your Palm. Reviewed in HAL-PC Magazine July 2001.

DayNotez: Journaling on the Palm and desktop, with full synchronization. Reviewed in HAL-PC Magazine January 2002. www.natara.com

DateMate: Never forget a birthday or anniversary. Can automatically create DateBook entries and sound alarms for upcoming events. www.mobimate.com

Palm Reader: Read ebooks and Palm Doc files. www.peanutpress.com

Mobipocket Reader: Another way to read ebooks and Palm Doc files. www.mobipocket.com

SplashPhoto: Display photos and other images on your Palm. www.splashdata.com

Bejeweled: Line up gems to make them disappear; hours of entertainment. www.astraware.com

Xenoprobe: Determine if your friends are human or infected by aliens. www.minordemons.com

Whatís Not

This is a list of hardware and software that I have used in the past, but am no longer using. This is not a negative review of the listed items ó obviously I liked them, since I had been using them. It may simply be that I found something that better served my needs, or perhaps I no longer needed this particular product.

Palm m505: When your Palm is your primary computer for planning, word processing, reference material and more, 8MB just isnít enough. www.palm.com

ToDo Plus: a great program that I used for years, so that my Palm to-do list could have recurring to-doís and alarms on to-doís. I now have this functionality through DateBk5. www.handshigh.com

Life Balance: Powerful program for planning all areas of your life. I never quite reached the point where I trusted my setup, though. Iíve achieved a simpler, easier solution by manipulating and viewing my to-do lists in DateBk5. Reviewed in HAL-PC Magazine June 2002. www.llamagraphics.com

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