Princess Diana Screen Saver, by Charles Evans

This is only the second screensaver that we’ve reviewed, but I wanted to share this one with you. It actually harkens back to original screen savers. That is, it is simple and uncluttered and not especially distractive. It is free and the author told me he designed it simply as a tribute to Princes Di. And he has done that very well. Installation is a breeze. It is simply a series of photographs of the Princes and/or her and her family accompanied by music, which can be turned off. I wouldn’t. The music is nice, original music with a polite melody of excellent quality (not computer generated stuff). You have seen some of the pictures and frankly, they are very good, but not an exceptional series. However, they do come alive accompanied by the music. I must admit one of the reasons I chose this one is my personal admiration for Di. I spent a month in Cambodia and Laos and saw her “Land Mine Projects” at work and talked with some of the kids crippled by land mines. If you appreciate this screen saver tribute drop the author a note: Eric Robichaud at Download at (Ignore the word “store”; it is just a folder name.)