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Please remember when reading these questions that there is more than one way to do most Windows XP tasks. The suggested answers below are one easy solution.

Has anyone had the problem of going to the Windows update page and clicking on the Scan for updates button but the % never goes up, so the updates are never checked, and updates cannot be downloaded? How do I fix this issue?

Let me start by saying you will never be a creator of a problem with Windows XP, just a participant! Try putting the URL of the windows update page - into the sites box on your Windows XP Internet Browser security section.

From Windows XP Internet Explorer click on “Tools”, “Internet Options”, “Security” tab, highlight “Local Intranet” icon, click the "Sites" button, then click the "Advanced" button, and paste the URL ( into the box labeled "Add this web site to this zone;" and click "add".

Click the OK buttons to close and try it again.

Is Microsoft Windows XP available in multiple languages?

Windows XP Professional is available in at least 24 official localized versions in addition to English. In any version of Windows XP Professional, you can display, input, edit, and print documents in hundreds of languages. Users can set regional preferences, fonts, keyboard layouts, sorting orders, date formats, and so on.

The biggest innovation for multilingual computing is the Windows XP Multilingual User Interface Pack, which is an add–on to the English version of Windows XP Professional. It lets users switch the User Interface (menus, dialogs and help files) from one language to another. The Multilingual User Interface Pack is available from Microsoft in 33 languages.

What is the difference between Home and Profession editions?

The features of Windows XP Home and Pro are very similar. Most home users have no need for the Professional version. Windows XP Pro has support for multiple processors, domain login and an encrypted file system. There are also a few other differences; check them out at

I keep getting notices that I need JAVA to see certain web pages including my online banking. Is Java part of Windows XP or do I need to go buy it?

Neither.MS Java was not included in XP. It was included in SP1, but is not included in SP1a. To download a free copy of Java, go to Click on the free download section and install it.

What are the major new features?

Windows XP has many new features. Users upgrading from the Windows 9x will find the larges changes in terms of stability. Other great advances are built-in CD-R/RW support, Remote Assistance, a built-in firewall, a file zip program and Device Driver Rollback. Find a complete feature list for Windows XP Home at and for Windows XP Professional at

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