Multimedia/MIDI SIG

We all like bargains, and there are definitely some out there for the finding. One example is a DVD-ROM from Magix with about 10,000 digital audio loops and sound effects for about $20. A similar collection from Data Becker has been discontinued, but may still be found from some resellers.

Another apparently discontinued product is Corel's "RAVE 2": "an easy-to-use, intuitive set of tools that give you the power to add interactive Flash animations to your Web site or presentation. Import a variety of file formats...export your R.A.V.E. files as Macromedia Flash, animated GIF, Windows AVI and QuickTime Mov files...ideally suited for novice Web design enthusiasts..." I've seen it at Amazon for $40, and I paid $10 at Frye's.

We get into these topics and more at our monthly meetings, with programs like Adobe Premiere and After Effects, Sony's Acid and Sound Forge, DivX compression, 3D animation, and more.

Join us the first Saturday of each month at 10:00 a.m. at HAL-PC.

Steve Kennedy
Coordinator, HAL-PC Multimedia/MIDI SIG