Bob SchwartzMember favorites: Practical Applets for Everyday Use
by Bob Schwartz

These are programs, many of them free, that do a big job for their intended task. There may others that do some or all of the tasks that a favorite does, but either not as easily, or not as well. You may have others that do the same thing. Let me know what your favorites are.

One click printscreen - Hardcopy. Free but with a nag screen each five copies. Small contribution will stop the nag. You can print the screen or the window. Many other choices and options.

Calendar generator. This year, last year and next year. Print by month or by year.
Daysease by Ziff-Davis and its free.

Business Cards: Always Current Business Cards. Free - great for short runs. Yes, Microsoft Word can produce cards with various styles, backgrounds, print style, etc. However, if you want to create something simple and straight forward, especially for a particular need, this may be just what you have been waiting for. All you need is a printer, card stock, and a scissors, paper cutter or business card forms. Great for short runs of 10 or so.

Graphing Program - Graph 4.1 - free: Whether you are a current or former student of math, you may have wondered how some mathematical function performs. This program will show you “how”. Perhaps, in your family, you have a student in high school or college taking trigonometry or calculus. This program can add tremendous insight to their studies.

Bob Schwartz is a HAL-PC member, retired EE, 14 patents, technical writer, active in civic affairs: President, Brays Bayou Association; Vice President, Marilyn Estates Civic Association; Correspondence Secretary with the Willow Waterhole Greenspace Conservancy. He can be contacted at