IRS Info for CY2007

by Charles W. Evans

As conscientiously as you may plan ahead, there is always some obscure little form missing, or irksome question you need to ask at the last minute.

These sources should make life a bit less stressful and your tax preparation easier. I can’t make your preparation less arduous, but the information below will make it easier.

NOTE: The IRS will not guarantee its own advice. On-line e-Filing is big this year and for some it is free! (Start with either the tax preparation software you’ve bought or at the IRS home page for more info.) I used the e-Filing last year and it does work – earlier refund and direct into my bank!

There are a number of info sources, help, resources and tips (yes, tips!) on the IRS web site. It is user friendly, easy to navigate and you can download and print any form. Two suggestions: print your forms on a laser printer and always only use forms from the IRS site. The Digital Daily, at, is the IRS home page.

If you need forms, you’ll need form numbers, for personal assistance on tax law and account questions and status of your refund call the IRS at 1-800-829-1040 for the numbers. If you are familiar with FTP, go to Just remember that their advice is not guaranteed.

Still running late and need a form amongst the most common ones? Just call the IRS’s TaxFax service at 703-368-9694. Have your fax number handy. Do you need a prior year’s form? Well, the Government Printing Office has a CD to solve that problem as well. Forms since 1994 are just a phone call away: 1-202-512-1800. There is a fee.

For answers to simple, uncomplicated questions use the FAX or voice number. Here again the IRS makes it easier for you to part with your money. Call TeleTax for answers and info on about 170 of the most common subjects, 24/7 at 1-800-829-4477. If your question is not among those covered, you’ll need to talk to a real, live person during normal business hours.

PRECAUTION: Double-check these most common errors. Everyone whose name is on the first line of the form should sign it and check the accuracy of the SSNs and dependent’s SSNs. If you need an IRS form, I’d suggest going to the IRS site rather than a commercial one, to insure you have the lawww.adobe.comtest “version” of the form.

NOTE: For forms you will need Acrobat Reader, free at .

Charles W. Evans is a HAL-PC member and fellow tax payer who can be contacted at