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About HAL-PC

HAL-PC is a non-profit corporation through which thousands of families help each other and the community to obtain maximum benefits from personal computing. HAL-PC was founded in 1982 with about 20 members, some of whom migrated from CP/M machines. From the start, the basic philosophy has been the same: helping each other use computers more effectively and become more productive in their application.

Member Benefits

HAL-PC is now the world’s largest PC user group. HAL-PC offers its members free e-mail and free limited dial-up internet access, meetings and special events, dial-up and broadband internet access through the HALNet internet system, and an outstanding monthly online magazine. We also offer member discounts on an extensive list of computer classes, free workshops on how to use the internet, troubleshooting workshops for members with hardware and software issues and a large volunteer help committee who have made themselves available to assist fellow members with more than eighty-five software programs.

SIGs and Study Groups

Dozens of Special Interest Groups meet regularly at HAL-PC. Some special SIGs such as the Build or Buy SIG assist members both in understanding what to ask for if they want a custom system, or ordering the components and, under supervision, assembling their own systems. We feel that this in particular fosters confidence in the owner and a stronger understanding of computers. HAL-PC hosts study groups who meet reglarly to prepare for highly sought after certifications such as MCIE and A+. Guests may attend a SIG meeting once as a courtesy. Our community outreach program takes in surplus computer equipment from area businesses and individuals, restores it as neccessary and redistributes it to Houston area schools, charities and non-profits.

HAL-PC Headquarters

HAL-PC's spacious headquarters building is centrally located in the Uptown Houston area. Our facility features three fully equipped meeting rooms, two of which can be combined to provide a single space of over 2000 square feet, two instructional labs and in-house internet access for visiting members. Don't wait -- Join Now!