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HAL-PC Board of Directors Vote

Report of June 22, 2013 HAL-PC Director’s Election
By Carla S. Cawlfield, Election Committee Chairman


Election Results: Total votes cast: 114 (108 online + 6 paper ballots)
Elected to 2 year term: The following six people were elected in 2013:
Candidate Ballot Position Votes Received
Ruben Garza 1 95
Annette Story 2 101
J. Andrew Nairn 3 73
Elizabeth Lunden Write In 6
Donna LeNoir Write In 5
Alan Herd Write In 5

Elected to 1 year term: No candidates elected to 1 year term.

Note #1

This year, there were seven (7) two-year term and three (3) one-year term positions open for election. With only three (3) candidates responding to the Call for Candidates, there were not enough candidates to complete this years’ slate. Therefore, this is not a contested election, and all three candidates will be elected to two-year terms, providing each receives at least one vote.

Note #2

On Friday, June 21, 2013, one day before the election, three additional HAL-PC members agreed to serve on the Board of Directors. They have been vetted by the Election Committee, will be placed on a “write-in” ballot, and elected to two-year terms, providing each receives at least one vote. Even with 3 write-ins, there are not enough candidates for a contested election.

Note #3

This year as an experiment, HAL-PC did NOT send a mail-out Voting Information letter to the membership, saving HAL-PC several hundreds of dollars. Rather, notice was placed on the HAL-PC homepage, and notice was sent via email to those members who have submitted their email addresses.

Additionally, as this is a no-contest election, no voting security keys were used. Members logged on to vote with just their membership numbers.

This no-mail-out, no cost election has been very successful. Participation by the membership has been almost as high as in previous years, when mail-out letters were sent.

The Election Committee will consider this no-cost, no-mailout method be used in future election.

The Election Committee wishes to thank our webmaster, Meredith Foster, for her Herculean task of re-writing the code for this no-voting key election.

And the webmaster would like to thank Carla Cawlfield and the Election Committee for conducting yet another well executed election.