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Since the cutover to the new mail server, a number of our customers have called in to inquire about the feature which will allow you to redirect e-mail from your HAL-PC username to another e-mail address.  We now have a link that will allow you to redirect your Hal-PC e-mails.  To reach this link, you need to access the login page for either Horde Mail at  or Squirrel Mail at .   Both of these links can be accessed by clicking on the Webmail link on the homepage at .   DO NOT attempt to login from either the Horde Mail or the Squirrel Mail login page if you are attempting to redirect your HAL-PC  e-mail.  Instead, click on the link that says “E-mail Forwarding” in the lower left hand corner.  Note the arrow pointing to the second link in figures 1 and 1a below. 





When you click on the “E-mail Forwarding” link, another page appears that will allow you to enter the necessary information needed to cause all of your HAL-PC e-mail to be forwarded to another address.  See Figure 2.  



You will need to:

  1. Fill in the full HAL-PC e-mail address including the domain name following the @ sign.
  2. Fill in the password for that address
  3. Fill in the full e-mail address where you want your HAL-PC e-mail to be sent.
  4. If you want to activate redirecting of your HAL-PC e-mail, make sure the “Activate forwarding” button is checked.
  5. If you want to stop or deactivate redirecting of your  HAL-PC e-mail, the “Deactivate forwarding” button must be checked.
  6. Click on the Enter button to start the process.
  7. The next screen will indicate your e-mail is being forwarded.  See Figure 3 below.