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HALNet Terms & Conditions

I understand that my account application for HALNet Internet Services includes the following conditions: 

Each HALNet internet services dial-up or aDSL client is allowed 10 megabytes of disk space for a home page and personal file storage and 50 megabytes of disk space for email. 

HALNet is committed to providing high-quality and high-speed Internet access. Our goal extends to protecting our clients, the Internet Community and our network from illegal or irresponsible use or activities. These Terms and Conditions are to ensure the efficient means of operating HALNet Internet service to fully benefit all of HALNet's clients. The account holder agrees that any violation of the Terms and Conditions may result in termination of service with or without prior notice and at the sole discretion of HALNet. 

Account Monitoring 

HALNet staff will not monitor Internet use, in terms of email sent or received, specific web sites visited, newsgroup or chat room postings, downloads or uploads, or any other infringement of privacy, unless we have reason to believe a user is committing illegal acts or otherwise violating published rules. However, HALNet administrators reserve the right to monitor account activity if it adversely impacts HALNet services or customers. HALNet Administrators reserve the right to remove messages, suspend service, or terminate service without prior notice for any of the following listed actions, among others. Account holders are reminded that this agreement is a contractual limitation and HALNet need not prove that certain conduct is illegal to take action to limit such conduct. 

Account Responsibility 

At the time of account registration, you will be asked to provide your personal name and address information. You agree to provide the correct information about yourself on the sign up form. It is not HALNet's policy to disclose this information. The primary account holder must agree that HALNet may, in its reasonable good faith discretion and without notice or subpoena, provide account information to the courts, law enforcement agencies or others involved in the pursuit of claims or investigations of conduct alleged to be criminal or that would lead to civil liability. 

The primary account holder agrees to be responsible for all account activity, whether or not the primary account holder is involved with or aware of the sub-account use. A violation of this agreement by the Primary Account Holder or any sub-account holder could lead to the termination of HALNet services. 

Remember that the primary account holder is responsible for all charges incurred by you or anyone you allow to use your account (including additional free email accounts). 

The primary account holder and sub-account holders that have provided HALNet with their personal name and address information are the only individuals authorized to access HALNet services. 

At no time may there be the simultaneous use of the same account login/username and password combination. HALNet reserves the right to prevent any simultaneous use. Simultaneous logins of an account constitutes account sharing and can result in termination of the account. 

The primary account holder is solely responsible for the monitoring or filtering of content that is available with this access. 

Allowing use of your account by anyone other than the authorized user of the account is prohibited. Each primary account holder is responsible for ensuring the privacy of any passwords. Do not give your password to anyone. You agree not to give your password to others and you agree to indemnify and hold HALNet harmless for any improper or illegal use of your account. You could lose your account if you let someone use it inappropriately. 

Any HALNet client's traffic that traverses another network will be subject to that network's acceptable use policy. 

Dial-Up Accounts 

HALNet dialup accounts are not intended to be used as continuous dedicated connections. Dialup users are allocated 400 hours per month. Once you have reached the 400 hour limit access will be denied untill the start of the next billing cycle ( the 1'st of each month). Please use your time wisely. Using electronic, software, or mechanical methods to avoid disconnection due to inactivity is prohibited and may result in the termination of the account. HALNet reserves the right to disconnect those who are connected but not active. 

aDSL Broadband Accounts 

HALNet will allow up to three IP addresses per aDSL account. HALNet aDSL, broadband accounts are continuous dedicated connections. HALNet may provide you with a fixed ip address for your HALNet aDSL account for an additional fee. 

Hardware purchase 

There is a one time hardware charge for the aDSL Self Install Kit Provided by SW Bell. The hardware will include one(1) ADSL Modem, one(1) Ethernet Card, Cables, line filters, etc. The hardware must be paid for in advance of delivery. 


Please be aware that HALNet provides access to our dedicated technical support staff, has an aDSL tech on staff, and maintains the halpc.general, halpc.halnet.questions and halpc.halnet.questions.isdn newsgroups specifically for the purpose of supporting HAL-PC Members and HALNet Clients. 

HALNet does not guarantee that all computers will connect successfully to the HALNet dial-up service or the aDSL broadband service. The ultimate responsibility of the client's equipment is the client themselves. Therefore any repairs, alterations and/or additions required to make the equipment functional are the responsibility of the primary account holder. 

Supervision of minors 

HALNet encourages parents and legal guardians to get involved with children's online usage and to be aware of the activities in which the minor children under their supervision are participating. Parents and legal guardians are encouraged to spend time online with their children to become familiar with the types of content available through HALNet and over the Internet in general and should regularly oversee their children's use of email and other online facilities. You agree to monitor the use of HALNet internet service by any minor children under your care and to hold HALNet harmless for any objectional material obtained by your minor child using HALNet internet services. 


As with any community of individuals, certain rules are required to facilitate discourse and encourage use by all. 

It would be impractical to catalogue all possible behaviors that are illegal or otherwise objectionable, but all behaviours that could lead to civil or criminal culpability outside HALNet internet services are prohibited by HALNet. 

Specifically, the following are of great concern and may lead to immediate suspension: 

Posting messages to bulletin boards or newsgroups that are off-topic, or posting more than ten messages to a site in two hours, or posting to more than five newsgroups simultaneously. 

Transmission without permission or authorization of any copyrighted materials or files or in any way infringing on the copyrights of others. All communications and information accessible via HALNet should be assumed to be private property unless expressly stated otherwise. 

Providing false information on the registration form provided to HALNet, or impersonating someone else. 

"Spam" is the common term for a large quantity of unsolicited emails. Spamming is an undesirable activity in the Internet community. "Spamming" from or through HALNet internet services is strictly prohibited. Any violation of the policy regarding the sending of unsolicited email will result in the immediate termination of HALNet internet services without notice or refund. 

Sending any computer virus through or to HALNet. 

Objectionable Material 

The word "content" as it applies to the Internet refers to the text, software, communications, images, sounds and other information provided online. The Internet is a reflection of society worldwide. All types of content are available, including that which may offend you. 

HALNet is an internet service provider that makes the Internet accessible, and that includes access to all available content. Any search software will, on occasion, return objectionable content even when the search terms give no hint of a connection to that content. Each client agrees to carefully search and use the Internet, and consequently takes full responsibility for what they may find. HALNet assumes no responsibility or liability for content available online. 

HALNet has the right to remove or prevent access to content that does not meet the terms of this agreement or its subjective standards. However, each client agrees that HALNet is not responsible or liable for any failure or delay in removing or blocking such material. 


The data and information on this site is subject to change without notice. Check this page for updated information regularly. 

This Disclaimer and the Terms & Conditions can be updated at any time by updating this page without notification to users. 

The Terms & Conditions plus pricing set out elsewhere on this web site are subject to E&OE (Errors And Omissions Excepted).