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HAL-PC Special Interest Groups

What is a SIG?

The heart of HAL-PC is its Special Interest Groups (SIGs) - groups of members that meet on a regular basis to share their interest in a specific topic. SIGs are built around programs (Visual FoxPro, Corel Draw, Access, C#), disciplines (Open Networking, Database & GUI Design), activities (Digital Imaging, Multimedia), Operating Systems (Windows, Mac, Linux, OS/2) - anything of interest! SIGs provide an opportunity to share expreiences and information with other users - from beginners to experts. Each SIG is headed by an elected SIG leader who is responsible for setting the program for each meeting. A SIG program may feature a special presentation by a vendor representative, a tutorial by the leader or one of the SIG members, question and answer sessions or free-form discussions of topics of interest to attendees. There might even be a drawing for a speical prize!

SIG list

Check out the list of SIGs on our SIG listing page.

SIG Calendar

For the latest information on meeting dates, HAL-PC maintains a SIG calendar. Some SIGs take a break for the summer or reschedule around a holiday period, so be sure to check out the calendar before coming to a SIG meeting.

SIG Web Pages

Want to know what's happening in your favorite SIG this month? Many SIG leaders maintain web pages to inform members and prospective members of the plans for meetings or to archive presentations or other information from past meetings. These web sites are linked on the SIG calendar and SIG webpages.

Who can attend?

SIG attendance is a benefit of membership in HAL-PC. You will be asked to sign a SIG log at every meeting with your name and HAL-PC membership number. Guests may attend a SIG one time as a courtesy. We're confident that once you've experienced the benefits of knowledge and networking that come with attending a SIG you'll naturally want to join the club!

I'm interested in X, but I don't see a SIG for it...

If you have an interest that is not represented by a current SIG, why not start a new one? Any HAL-PC member can propose the formation of a new SIG. Visit the new SIG information page to see the procedure, and get the ball rolling!