There are dozens of programs available that will turn your Palm computer into a clock.

MegaClockOne of the most versatile I've seen is MegaClock, from Megasoft2000.

MegaClock has just about every function you can imagine in a clock program. First, you tell the program your home city. If your city is not already on the list, you can add it.

The main window shows an analog clock with a calendar for the current month, and tells you the date, day of week and week number. Drop-downs allow you to select a different month or year. However, if that's a little too mundane for you, there are other views to choose from:

  • Digital Clock: Shows the time in huge numbers that can easily be read even by my aging eyes. Also gives the date, day of week and week number, along with the day, date and time of another city that you choose.
  • Analog Clock: A large analog clock displays the current time; the day, date and week number are also shown.
  • Citizen like, Casio like and Ana-Digi like: Display clocks that resemble popular wristwatches.

Besides the clocks, several other views are available. It can also display:

  • Alarms: You can set up to 20 alarms, choosing the days of the week that the alarm will be active, the alarm sound, snooze behavior and a message to be displayed when the alarm goes off.
  • Timer: There are four countdown timers. You can choose the alarm sound, and write in any message that you would like to have displayed when the timer reaches zero.
  • Stopwatch: The stopwatch measures time in hundredths of a second. You can split the stopwatch as it is running, capturing the time for that moment while timer keeps running.
  • Events: How many days is it until your spouse's birthday? How many hours until Christmas? Enter events into this view, and MegaClock will tell you how long (in years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes or seconds) until the event takes place.
  • World Time: Displays the date and time in two cities, along with a graphic that shows what parts of the world are in day or night.
  • Moon Phases: Displays a graphic showing how much of the moon is visible at the moment, along with text information such as the phase of the moon, what percentage of it is visible, how far it is from Earth, and when it will reach apogee and perigee.
  • City Time: Shows the day, date and time in 20 cities of your choosing.

MegaClock is overkill if you just want to know what time it is, but it has a lot of time-related functionality when you need it.

Shareware, $14.95 registration

© 2003 by Charles M. Olsen