Robert Du VernayCASPER v4 Caveats and Updates
by Robert Du Vernay

First, for those who are Casper 4.0.0 users, there is an Update v 4.0.1270 out there for registered owners. Forgot your password, follow the instructions on the screen.

Second, I discovered, after the recent review of CASPER 4.0, which may well impact you. If you have two different format types, i.e. FAT32 and NTFS, which is not as uncommon. HP, until recently, used this arrangement.

For whatever reason Casper 4 was not able to make a CLONE of the main physical hard drive, containing two different formats. The process begins OK, but after several minutes of operation it bogs down and the clock time estimates go to days. The backup will ultimate end with an error condition. Now, after several hours of testing/configuring and beating up on Tech Support a work around was found, three layers down in the advance settings. This is not an acceptable solution for the average user! The simplicity and straight forward operation of Casper is its greatest selling point.


1) Upgrade to version 4.0.1270 or,
2) Change your backup strategy – only backup the C: partition (ignore the FAT32 partition).

Third, I was not impressed with the technical support offered by Casper, aka Future Systems. It is bad news when one has to play games to get an answer. Glad they put out the update.
CASPER v 4.0.1270 is a Windows product designed to work in a Windows environment, and virtually fool proof.

Please remember you may need the Extra CASPER boot to restore, if your mother board does not allow you to boot from an external drive. Casper Clone Backup works, this I am sure of and I use with confidence.

Robert Du Vernay is a HAL-PC member and does the Basic 101 series, Dealing with Loss and can be reached at