Monthly Questions & Answers For Windows XP

I was clicking around and now the icons to start program that are on the right of the start button are missing. How do I fix this?
Terrific question, easily! The icons to the right of the Start button on the Start Bar are called the “Quick Launch”. To make it reappear right mouse click on a blank area of the Start Bar and choose Toolbars -> Quick Launch. Thanks for the question!


I was running Windows 2000 and upgraded to Windows XP. I hate the new look. It seems like it was designed for a new user. Can I bring back the old look?
Great Question! The new look is aggravating for many people. For starters, right mouse click on the blank desktop area and choose Properties -> Themes and Windows Classics. That will fix the Desktop.
For the Start Menu, right mouse click on the “Start” button and choose “Properties”. Then choose “Classic Start Menu”. Finally, for the Control Panel: while in the Control Panel, click on the “Switch To Classic View” option from the top left of the window. Thanks!

My PC boots up OK but it just hasn’t been working right for the last week. What can I do?
Take two aspirins and call me in the morning! First, let me say if you told a Doctor that you weren’t feeling good but gave no specific descriptions, what do you think he would tell you? With that said, Windows XP has what is called restore points. We have talked about these before. You choose a date that your PC was last working correctly and restore the PC back to that date. Be aware however, when finished the computer will be like it was back on the restore point date and any changes made since that date will be lost.
To use restore points click on the “Start” button from the start bar. Choose “Control Panel” and then choose “Performance And Maintenance. From the top right side of the “Performance And Maintenance” window screen choose “System Restore”. Choose to “Restore My Computer To An Earlier Time” and choose “Next”. Choose the date on the Calendar that you want to restore back to and continue to follow the wizard until the Restore is complete. Thanks!

I hate using the mouse in Windows XP. Can I use the Keyboard for my commands?

Yes in many cases. Let me however tell you, if you plan on using a computer or ever becoming a cat, you better learn to like a mouse!!! The problem might be the way that you are holding the mouse. Try going to the free HAL-PC Class on the second Saturday of the month called “Introduction To Windows”.

Listed below are some Keyboard shortcuts. For a more complete list use Windows XP “Help And Support” and type in Keyboard Shortcuts. Also many of the Keyboard shortcuts are listed in the menu next to the command.

  • Start the Menu: Alt+(the underlined letter of the menu)
  • Select All: Ctrl+A
  • Cut: Ctrl+X
  • Copy: Ctrl+C
  • Paste: Ctrl+V
  • Delete Without Using The Recycle Bin: Shift+Delete
  • Print: Ctrl+P
  • Undo: Ctrl+Z
  • Rename Item: F2
  • Display Start Menu: Ctrl+Esc
  • Display Different Open Items: Alt+Tab
  • Skip To Beginning: Ctrl+Home
  • Skip To End: Ctrl+End

Please remember that these are just a few commands and that the mouse is your friend. Come on, say it three times with me.

The mouse is my friend!

The mouse is my friend!

The mouse is my friend!

My PC, running Windows XP seems to take forever to boot up. I thought that Bill said that it would be faster. Do I have a lot of things loading at Startup?

How many fingers am I holding up? Well if you don’t know, how should I know how many things that your PC is loading at Startup? Let me just cover how you can check! Click on the Windows Start bar button “Start” and choose “Run”. In the run box type:

and choose the “Startup” tab.


From this list you can see the programs starting at boot up and adjust any that you do not want to start. As far as Bills promise for speed, don’t feel bad. I still have a 1000 shares of Enron that my broker said was a perfect buy. Thanks for the fun questions.