Carnival of the Cats (CotC)
by Robyn Harton, Staff to the House of the (Mostly) Black Cats

Houston's own Laurence Simon became known as "King of the Cat Bloggers" for starting the Carnival of the Cats years ago. He started the Carnival as a weekly gathering of the best of the week's cat blogging posts about cats from blogs all over the world. People who normally blog about politics or health or science, as well as regular cat bloggers, enter their week's cat related blog posts into the carnival. For those who don't always blog about their cat, it's a vacation from the rest of the world, as Laurence says, "demonstrating that even the mightiest and meekest of pundits have a love of cats in common."   For those whose blogs are primarily about cats, the Carnival is a chance to rub shoulders with bloggers of different colors, so to speak.
In 2004 cat blogging and the Carnival of the Cats became so well known that Laurence was interviewed by Time Magazine about the Carnival.  The Carnival of the Cats has wheeled on since then, hosted by a different blogger every week without missing a beat. Even on weeks that the host blogger has had unforseeable accidents such as their blog being in accessible, the Carnival has gone on, with another volunteer jumping into the gap.  The Carnival of the Cats is as big as it ever was.
With other demands on his time, in late 2007, The King of the Cat Bloggers decided that it was time to pass the Carnival of the Cats site and responsibility on to another cat blogger.  The people and cats at The Cat Blogosphere are overjoyed that in January, 2008 the Carnival of the Cats is coming to live with them.  As always, the domain name will be the way to the Carnival, and the Carnival will continue for all bloggers who post about cats.
The Carnival of the Cats welcomes all cat blogging posts to the weekly roundup. You can submit your related posts at or at the submissions email found at the Carnival of the Cats site.