The Electric Jalapeño: A new system via Windows 7 - Comments.

by Charles W. Evans


One of my toughest, but most rewarding, responsibilities is to review a computer system. The sub-systems are not as difficult because they are specific. However, with the introduction of Windows 7, I thought it was time to review an advanced system powered by the new Windows. To keep you from being overwhelmed, I’ve divided this review into two parts. This month is the review of the computer and major sub-components with a few details. In the next issue, I’ll include additional specifics plus tests results, especially if your interest is games and/or over clocking.

You may not have a direct interest in the second part, but I’d still strongly suggest you read it just to familiarize yourself with some of the terms. You’ll find this handy when you buy a computer or replacement part. The second part includes results of nationally recognized tests by BAPCo and SiSoftware. When you ready to buy, read a product’s brochure you’ll have a handy reference to any “technical numbers” they provide.

You’ll not likely find many negatives in the review of any of these products simply because I’ve tried to select the best quality consistent with a price/performance value. There’s nothing cheap about any of these products. In addition, I’ve attempted to find some degree of “green” in as many as possible. Power supplies and CPUs are among the first to have a green tinge although your video card requires massive amounts of electrical nourishment! A few watts here and a few watts there soon add up to a lot less oil.

Last, and most important, is the purpose of this review and all others in the Magazine. Even though you might buy a complete computer from Dell, HP or off-the-shelf at your local retailer, you’ll be better satisfied with your purchase if you have some basic computer knowledge, understand terms, etc. And that is the purpose of any review: to assist you in becoming an “informed consumer” so you can separate the facts from the sales talk that fulfills your needs and not the salespersons pockets. This is not to suggest salespeople are not honest, but the person in the mirror puts your interest first.

The reviews are the work of fellow readers who commiserated with each other to arrive at a result. This review does not include Windows 7. I will try to get that review to you when the formal version is available, maybe in early October.

I like to publicly thank and acknowledge the invaluable assistance of Build or Buy SIG’s guru, George Walker. This review would not have been possible without him. Work progress photos are by Robert Du Vernay.


Charles W. Evans, Reviews Editor

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