From the HALNet Support Desk

ADSL Not connecting properly / no web pages / email not working?

If your ADSL is not displaying web pages or your Email is not being delivered, please try the following before calling HALNet Support.

Shut down the computer. Shut down any routers/hubs/switches between the PC and ADSL Modem. Shut down the modem (or unplug the phone and power lines to the ADSL modem). Wait about 10 to 20 seconds.

Turn on the modem first (or plug back in the lines), wait about 10 to 20 seconds, turn on any routers/hubs/switches between the PC and ADSL Modem, and then turn on the computer last.

After the computer has started and has been on about a minute, check the ADSL Modem lights: light(s) blinking??? lights amber???? other than GREEN???

If not all GREEN, then you may have a phone line problem. See if you can get web pages now. If web pages cannot be brought up, check the IP address.

To test for the IP Address, go to Start, Run, and type in WINIPCFG in the Run box. (For NT or Win2000, and XP, type in COMMAND, then in the "DOS" screen type in IPCFG). A dialog box should appear with network information. If the Ethernet Card is not in the box, click on the drop down arrow to the right, pick the Ethernet card (Kingston, NE 2000, Linksys, Realtek, etc.) and click RELEASE ALL. Wait 5 seconds then click RENEW ALL. You should now have an IP of 206.180.x.x address (x can be any number), which is HAL-PC.

If you get some odd IP address like 169.x.x.x then you aren't communicating with HAL-PC. This is a "windows" IP address since it can't find a valid network IP address.

If you still cannot get an IP of 206.180.x.x address, or bring up any web pages, then you need to talk to the ADSL Specialist.

To talk to an ADSL Specialist, call HAL-PC after 10:00 am at 713-993-3300, ext.0, Monday through Friday.

Thank you for using HALNet.

HALNet Support