Math Blaster: Master the Basics
by  Marsha and Janet

Math BlasterAlthough this program is not grade-specific, there is sufficient variety and level challenges for ages 6 through 12. It will play on a Pentium II, but requires DirectX 9.c. The graphics are rather dated and the animation is basic, but effective. There are several levels of challenge for each age level. Obviously, some six-year-olds can do eight-year-old math. Parents will know the knowledge level of their child or in consultation with their teacher.

From addition and subtraction to multiplication and division, children can build confidence, speed and accuracy in basic math skills that will stay with them long after their mission is complete.

Math Blaster includes age-appropriate math drills and problem-solving games. Kids tackle activities featuring five levels of math content. The skills addressed include an unusual variety of skills: addition and subtraction, mental math, equivalents, problem solving and fact families.

Open the Blaster and choose both the skill level you want to improve and the particular activity. There are several options for each activity or skill area. Although the background music becomes irritating after the 100th time you hear the same five notes, you can mentally tune it out.

I found it features an excellent balance of fun and learning. The variety of activities and great depth of content are impressive. This is powerful software for building basic, academic skills.What a great way to make parents aware of the different ways of being intelligent!

Overall, Knowledge Adventure software provides tried-and-true learning experiences for elementary school students. Students love playing their products. The practice they get from playing the products even for just 45 minutes a week is invaluable. They focus on the games and learn while playing.

Although the graphics lack a sort of panache, they do the job of educating the student. Students 6-12 will find a variety of challenges and a great deal of visual interest. I’m particularly impressed my child and her friends return time and again.

At six and less so at 12, the thousands of math problems and several levels of difficulty will push most any child. And they enjoy the problem solving - with just a little push and direction. After a kid reaches about ten, they tend to get bored with software that is “too slow”. This Math Blaster is not slow - select the difficulty level and build confidence from there. In case you forget, there are automatic progress reports. The bottom line is to encourage your child to understand math and improve its applications.

Math Blaster: Master the Basics provides interactive and exciting activities for continued learning at home or in the classroom. It's encouraging to see students eager to learn and improve their overall skill levels. It’s not a computer demanding program, for instance: Windows XP/2K, minimum of 400MHz CPU and 128 of RAM. For more info and updates go to

Marsha, the parent and Janet, 10, the student are HAL-PC family members.