Multimedia/MIDI SIG

When Microsoft bought Blue Ribbon Soundworks years ago, I feared that their music software products would never again be seen. But I recently discovered them again at:

In particular, "SuperJAM" V.2 is available along with all the musical styles (classical, blues, pop/rock, etc.), plus tutorials, as a free download: "SuperJAM! is a MIDI 'jamming' program. The idea is that, rather than composing and arranging /all/ the parts of a musical work, the user can give some basic information to the program -- chords, musical style, general tone or personality of the music, what instruments to use -- and the program will handle the details, generating complete arrangements in real time. The user can modify the arrangements at any level, add a melody, print sheet music using the included Notation Station, and export the song as a MIDI file."

Join us the first Saturday at HAL PC, 10:00 a.m. to explore this and many other music, video, sound and animation applications.

Steve Kennedy, Coordinator, HAL-PC Multimedia/MIDI SIG