Ham Satellite Radio

What’s new on the horizon, by John Moore

The Ham Satellite Radio SIG is a small group for the discussion of interfacing and using computers in all phases of modern Amateur Radio operations including Ham Satellite operations. The holding of an amateur radio license is NOT a prerequisite – we can point you in that direction if you like – under current FCC Rules and Regulations it's gotten a whole lot easier, and Morse code is no longer required.

The International Space Station is in orbit and manned – with Amateur call signs RZ3DZR/DL0ISS/NA1SS assigned to Station Alpha. The crew is on the air on both 2 meters and 70 cm with voice and packet operations; and HF operations are in the works. There is literally a whole constellation of ham related satellites up there to work – dozens available each 24 hour pass over the Houston area. In addition to SDR (Software Digital Radio), there are several new digital modes of operation available.

We can fill you in on all the details and point you in the proper direction. Feel free to join us each third Tuesday of the month at 7:00 p.m. – at HAL-PC Headquarters. We usually meet in SIG Room C. Contact John Moore, KK5NU at (713) 960-1955 (w) or email jwm@hal-pc.org.