Multimedia/MIDI SIG

A new Camcorder & Video SIG is forming at the Clear Lake branch of HAL-PC. It will meet the first Saturday of each month, the same date as the Multimedia & MIDI SIG, but we plan some joint meetings. So stay tuned to the emails and the SIG Calendar at the HAL-PC website for more details. This is the first time in a long while that HAL-PC has had a digital video SIG, so it will be a good place to share ideas, etc.

One topic that we'll cover in an upcoming joint meeting is low cost video editing software. With many options for consumer level editing software (under $100), and with most digital cameras having a movie mode, it is time to enjoy the movie making experience. One that I like is Magix' Movie Edit Pro 11, around $50. But even Movie Maker 2, included free with WinXP, can be a lot of fun.

Steve Kennedy, Coordinator, HAL-PC Multimedia/MIDI SIG