Why Business Card Scanners?
by Charles W. Evans

Even in today’s fiber optic digital age moving info at light speed, there’s still paper stuff. And you are right that you can scan a business card with a $60 desktop scanner. Step #2 is what these special scanners do quickly and efficiently: move info from a paper card to a manageable digital file/database. It will interpret what’s on the card and where in the database it should go – name? address? e-mail address? ZIP code? country? And, tah dah, conveniently find it later.

If you have ever returned from a conference, expo or sales calls, you will appreciate the special use of these scanners. Once scanned, you have a quick and smart way to find all sorts of info, plus contact data, plus mailing lists, plus etc. I am impressed with the intelligent software that gets the info off a piece of paper and puts it into a specific digital place. For instance, how does it know the difference between voice, cell and fax numbers? Are they perfect? No. The OCR software that captures info off a card is accurate – about 91% accurate and that’s good. I wish I were that good!

Take your pick: CardScan Exec 800c, Plustek Mobile Office S800 or Penpower WorldCard Color. All are less than the size of a modem and operate off your USB port. The reviews are in no particular order and each is reviewed independent of the other – you should go to a venders web site and then make your own determination. The reviews are for your guidance. I think you will be impressed.

CardScan Executive 800c, by Robert Du Vernay
Mobile Office S800 Card Scanner, by Bella Marshall Harris
WorldCard Color V6.2, by Sr. Marcus J. Plusher

Charles W. Evans
Reviews Editor