Multimedia/MIDI SIG

What hardware to buy for multimedia? Do the terms PCI Express, 3D accelerator, SoundBlaster Audigy, etc., make your eyes glaze over? The good news is that all these and more have made PC's very powerful multimedia devices. The bad news is that you need to understand a little about the hardware components to decide if a $500, or a $1,000, or a $2,000 machine ... or even an $8,000 machine like the Falcon Northwest Mach V ... is right for you. Join us to discuss the pros and cons of multimedia hardware.

We get into these topics and more at our monthly meetings, with programs like Adobe Premiere and After Effects for video, Sony's Sound Forge for digital audio, DivX compression, E-on Software's Vue 5 Infinite for 3D animation, and more.

Join us the first Saturday of each month at 10:00 a.m. at HAL-PC (check the SIG calendar at the HAL-PC web site for reschedules).

Steve Kennedy
Coordinator, HAL-PC Multimedia/MIDI SIG