Privacy Software: Spyware and Adware Removers, by Telephone Help Desk Specialists

This is not a review, per se, but a reminder. Antivirus is one of four parts of your computers security.

  • The first is you and your personal security practices – avoid the temptation to open unknown e-mail messages and/or attachments.
  • Second, keep your Microsoft security and associated updates, updated!
  • Third, update your antivirus weekly.
  • Fourth, install two programs to search out and identify “spyware”, which is designed to do just that: spy on what you are doing, maybe even steal your PIN numbers and passwords, etc. The other part of “Fourth” is an “adware” remover. “Free” programs are just that, free and most are useful. However, they may also include secrete applets to intercept info and more often, simply display unwanted ads. Although the Help Desk formally support these two programs, I would suggest you download and use them: (both are free for personal use only)

Spyware: Spybot - Search & Destroy 1.3 at

Adware: Ad-aware Standard Edition at