Multimedia/MIDI SIG

Software for music composition just keeps getting better. "Band in a Box" from PG Music has been a favorite for many years, allowing quick creation of an accompaniment by entering the chords and style. It can even generate melodies and solos with built-in features. We recently compared it to another program, "Jammer Pro" from Soundtrek, Inc. The latter program is similar, but has some features that are more "musical", such as support for music modes (scales) other than major and minor, e.g. Dorian, Lydian, etc.  Soundtrek also publishes "Jammer Live" for controlling the accompaniment in real time, i.e. when you change a chord, the band (keyboard, guitar, bass, drums, etc.) follows along. We'll look at "Jammer Live" in an upcoming meeting.
Steve Kennedy, Coordinator, HAL-PC Multimedia/MIDI SIG